Performance Confidence

Performance Confidence is a boutique-style service and client focused training business, specialising in personalised Coaching Packages designed to enhance the mental and physical self for improved focus and optimal outcomes for performance and presentation.

We offer personalised solutions for musicians, actors, authors, sports people and public speakers.

Our services also suit anyone wanting to gain or regain confidence and overcome performance anxiety – whether that’s on stage, on the field, at office meetings or during presentations.

Carmel Liertz’s signature Mind-Body Awareness Training with a unique set of holistic strategies identifies triggers for Stress and Anxiety – providing the solutions to establish a foundation for Confidence in both everyday life and ‘before’ and ‘during’ performance.

Creator/Director of Performance Confidence – Carmel Liertz – is an international performance coach with extensive experience as performer-presenter, lecturer-teacher and performance researcher. Her work is cross-disciplinary, encompassing the fields of Performance Confidence and Self Efficacy, Sport Psychology and Sport Nutrition, Stress and Mind-Body Health.

She created the first educational Training Program to Develop Performance Confidence for Musicians, and this same training program has since been successfully applied to other performance fields and for mind-body health.