Frames – Wooden or Iron?

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In N.S.W. alone, there are literally hundreds of pianos with wooden frames, in my district of Illawarra, far, far too many. The most notable two makes are Bord…

Kawai piano warranty

Why should you register? If you have just purchased a new Kawai upright or grand piano, it is necessary to send your details to Kawai office so that…

How often should my piano be tuned?

Whilst it is impossible to give a generic answer to cover all situations, a minimum of once a year is advisable. This is because seasonable changes in temperature…

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An interview with Ambre Hammond

Classical pianist, Ambre Hammond, completed her Associate and Licentiate Diplomas in Piano as an eleven year old, while being home-schooled in Moss Vale, Australia. Her debut with orchestra…

Girl Piano Truck

Pianist Ambre Hammond heading to a village in Tanzania to play her piano for kids who have never seen one.