Graham and Etta Jurjens

Graham Phillip Jurjens was born in 1907, in Camden NSW. An early reference to his piano tuning career can be found in ‘The Kiama Reporter’ of March 6th 1929, which reads:

W.H. PALING & CO. LTD., advise that MR. GRAHAM JURJENS, a thoroughly capable TUNER and an expert PLAYER PIANO MECHANIC will be visiting the district shortly. The most difficult work may be safely entrusted to Mr. Jurjens, whose work is guaranteed by Paling & Co. Mr. Jurjens is Paling’s only authorised tuner for the district.

He married Harriet (Etta) James – well known piano teacher – in Bemboka, New South Wales, on 28 January 1933 when he was 26 years old.

In the early years, Graham was selling pianos from ‘Brandon House’ in Wollongong. Piano lessons were also available at this location. An advertisement in the South Coast Times on the 9th of June 1949 reads:

FOR SALE. German piano, fully reconditioned iron frame, overstrung, walnut case. Cash price £89. Graham Jurjens, Brandon House, cnr Crown and Atchison Streets, Wollongong.

Graham married Clarisse Jane White in 1961.

West Wollongong Rotary Club members

Graham Jurjens was active in the local community, as seen in this photo of the newly formed West Wollongong branch of Rotary around 1964.